LinkedIn Marketing

Linkedin marketing

Scale customer acquisition and boost your revenue with LinkedIn advertising

Digital Squad’s team of LinkedIn experts specialise in showcasing business brands to working professionals and generating quality leads using the world’s largest professional networking platform. We help businesses build their online reputation and boost revenue through strategic LinkedIn Marketing campaigns that get results.

Precision-Focused Targeting

We take advantage of LinkedIn’s detailed industry and profession-based targeting options to create impactful campaigns that communicate your business’ value proposition with your target audiences and motivate them to act.

Content that Creates Connection

Content is key to driving engagement on LinkedIn. We apply our expertise in LinkedIn advertising to craft unique content that speaks to the distinctive characteristics of the target audience and sparks their attention.

Results-Driven Strategies

Our LinkedIn team conduct industry analysis and competitor research to develop considered strategies that provide a competitive edge. We measure the success of our LinkedIn campaigns through several key growth indicators, such as increased traffic, more click-throughs, and increased leads and conversions, providing clients with a monthly report outlining the KPIs of the overall campaign.

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Inspire action at all stages of the buyer journey

At Digital Squad, we have developed a strategic framework for LinkedIn campaigns based on a number of key growth indicators. Using LinkedIn, we help our clients reach their target audience with impactful content that speaks to their motivations and objections at their specific stage in the buyer journey, nurturing prospects from awareness to consideration and evaluation, through to conversion.
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Your strategic LinkedIn marketing partner

As an experienced LinkedIn marketing agency, we know how to leverage the number one platform for business professionals to the benefit of our clients. Our expert team create bespoke business strategies for our clients based on their overall business objectives, from building brand awareness to driving traffic and generating leads. We are results-focused and committed to providing our clients with exceptional campaigns that generate results, backed by client-focused customer service.
Empower your sales funnel with the right content

Strategic campaigns that connect and convert

We help our clients realise the full marketing potential of LinkedIn as a platform to foster connections between businesses, generate brand awareness and create new growth opportunities. We have considerable experience in designing and implementing successful LinkedIn marketing programs that benefit your business’ bottom line, from researching new industry verticals, to digital lead generation and social selling.
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ROI-Focused LinkedIn marketing strategies

Our B2B marketing strategies follow an adaptive-strategy process where we consistently evaluate campaigns based on the buyer journey to identify any gaps in the strategy. We take a transparent and consultative approach to our campaigns and provide clients with regular reports that outline key performance metrics based on the overall business objectives. These metrics are used to evaluate and increase the success of the campaign to maximise marketing ROI for your business.
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Our experts will customise your marketing stack
Digital Squad is a specialist B2B marketing agency with a vision to help innovative companies scale their business through effective marketing. We develop strategic marketing programs, assist internal marketing teams, implement top-performing digital campaigns, and create impactful content to generate growth.

Demand generation campaigns

Data-driven marketing strategy focused on driving awareness and interest in your company's products and services, with the ultimate goal of developing long-term customer engagement.

Account-based marketing

Personalised campaigns designed to engage each account, basing the marketing message on the specific attributes and needs of the targeted account.

Funnel Advertising Campaigns

Attract, nurture and convert your target audience with customised TOFU. MOFU and BOFU strategies.​

Brand Amplification

Establish a strong brand presence in the minds of your target audience, increase brand loyalty, customer retention, and ultimately, sales.

Community Growth

Establish customer loyalty, and gain valuable insights into customer needs and preferences through social media initiatives.

Content Marketing

Leverage LinkedIn and various forms of content assets to drive awareness, engagement and quality leads throughout the customer journey.

“Digital Squad have delivered a 10x growth in leads over an aggressive 4 months and demonstrated powerful ability to scale fast when needed".

Henrik Peterson
Former VP and Global Head of Marketing
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Frequently Asked Questions

Using LinkedIn advertising can deliver exceptional results for your business. However, for inexperienced users, the platform can be difficult to navigate, and implementing a successful campaign can prove to be challenging. By working with an agency that is experienced in LinkedIn marketing, you will benefit from the knowledge and expertise they have gained from previous campaigns and, as such, are more likely to see positive results for your business. At Digital Squad, we focus on consistently delivering results for our clients. We monitor campaign performance while keeping on top of evolving digital and consumer behaviour trends so that we can fine-tune the approach and continuously improve ROI.

Digital squad is a full-service digital marketing agency. We partner with clients to help them reach their advertising goals and objectives through LinkedIn advertising. We first devise a strategy for reaching your goals within budget, then implement, manage, and optimise your LinkedIn ads across the lifecycle of the campaign. When you choose to work with Digital Squad, you are assigned a dedicated account manager who is responsible for keeping you informed at all stages of the process and ensuring your business targets and objectives are met.

The way consumers engage with businesses has evolved, and while B2B marketing may still involve offline channels and face to face meetings and networking, digital remains a key part of a successful B2B marketing strategy. Businesses must deliver the connected online experiences that customers have come to expect. To do this, it is necessary to stay on top of the latest trends and use the right technologies and platforms at the right time to engage your audience. This is where Digital Squad excels.

The ultimate cost of a LinkedIn campaign is dependent on several factors, such as the campaign objective, type of campaign, expected reach, and audience.  Like Google Ads and Facebook, LinkedIn advertising is based on an auction system that occurs instantaneously and takes several factors into consideration to determine which business’ ad will be displayed. The team at Digital Squad can help optimise your bidding strategy to create the optimum balance between visibility and expenditure to generate on-budget results that will boost your business results.

LinkedIn advertising is a powerful tool for businesses looking to connect with industry professionals and other companies. The key to a successful campaign is accurate targeting. LinkedIn ads offer advertisers the ability to choose from a range of audience attribute categories, including company name, member interests, skills, job title, education level and seniority. Digital Squad works closely with clients to pinpoint the most effective audience attributes to target your sponsored content at the right audience wo that we can deliver solid results for your business from campaign launch.

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